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Big Data Hadoop

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will navigate the hadoop ecosystem, and develop concrete skills such as:How to identify potential business use cases where data science can provide impactful results.How to obtain, clean and combine disparate data sources to create a coherent picture for analysis.What statistical methods to leverage for data exploration that will provide critical insight into your data?Where and when to leverage hadoop streaming and Apache Flume for data science pipelines.What machine learning technique to use for a particular data science project.

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Abirbhab Saha says
"Ardent, I want to take this opportunity and appreciate the entire team of Ardent for the support they have offered me during my course."
Rikta pal says
"It was good"
"All over organized good. If the codes along with the audio or vedio lecture can be sent via mail just like feedback form then it will be helpful to everyone along with me for further reference. Even it helps to recapitulate when required. Thank you"
"No comments"
Subhajit Kr. Hooi says
"Wonderful session!"
Ankit Kumar Jha says
"Its good."
Shouvik Halder says
"Overall good"
Ankita Pal says
"Well everything was quite OK ....but some times there was a problem on sound "
Priyam Chakraborty says
"Please increase the session time. !:30 hour is not enough to understand all the things related to the topic"