Blogs on Data Science Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Using R
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Data Science Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using R

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The course aims at providing an accessible introduction to various machine learning methods and applications in R. The core of the course focuses on unsupervised and supervised methods. The course helps the students to develop a project. 


Shreya Chakraborty says
"Ardent has great faculty and good training environment. Thanks for all the support."
Satakshi Ghosh says
"Teacher student interaction must be there."
"The session was too good and was too supportive and answers everyone's doubt and answers. I would say it was helpful."
Shouvik Dutta says
"It is a good online session. I gain lots of things from this session. I need this type of guidance. Overall experience is good. "
Swarnendu Ghosh says
"Good "
Aisha Kumari Jha says
"Overall good. Except some tine the voice and video was paused."
Debosmita Ganguli says
"Small but good"