Blogs on Deep Learning Using Tensorflow And Keras
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Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Keras

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Deep learning and TensorFlow concepts.Using python with TensorFlow libraries.Working with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).Recurrent Neural Network (RNN).Working with Keras.Implementing Restricted Boltz-mann Machine (RBM).


Payel Goswami says
"Beautiful "
"Overall experience is very good.this is very good approch."
Trishita Chakraborty says
"Just do more practical things rather than theory then we would take more interest... "
Koustab Saha says
"sound problems"
Sampreet Dey says
"I know this is short period of time. Although i think more things can be covered during this season."
Sudip Saha says
"Very good"
Mrinmoy Ghosh says
"I am very Proud of this season"
"The session should have been little longer so as to understand the session more clearly."
Saugata Aich says
"I liked the webinar very much and I felt engaged during the session. It was really interesting and i also felt interested to learn this topic in more depth. I will also like to attain this types of webinars related to computer science in future. Thank you"
Ratan kumar Singh says
"May overall season is normally good "
Sudipta Banerjee says
"Seminar time should be increased"
Alija Biswas says
"This is a interesting topic but is a shortage of time. Kindly increase the time next time "
Avirup Mondal says
"It was overall a good experience close to perfect, but if some advanced level of python also got covered it would have been more benefecial for us."
Monalisa Ghosh says
"Overall season was excellent.I loved your teaching procedure.This season will helps me a lot in my future. Very honestly I don't have any idea about angular but after this season I got clear idea about, Thank you sir , giving this opportunity being a part of your season. And once again thank you so much sir."
"Whatever I have learnt from this,I should go through a detailed study to understand it more clearly and also the time limit should be little more.."
Supali Ojha says
"Everything is good. "