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Full Stack Web Development Using PHP and MYSQL

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Blogs for Full Stack Web Development Using PHP and MYSQL, Topic Web Development Trends that is going to dominate 2020!

Year 2019 witnessed a number of changes and updates in the web development domain. The spectrum of PHP web development is broad enough to know that it will exist for a long time (PHP covers over 50% of the world’s websites, after all).PHP has always faced criticism from developers, with some defining it as crappy, mediocre and outdated.

 While all updates to PHP since version 7 has seen tremendous improvements, most developers don’t see PHP going toe-to-toe with other programming languages. In the same way, PHP web development also has been, for a while getting stale and in need of a major change. Some big names PayTM Mall, Swiggy, CureFit, Zomato, Byju, PolicyBazaar, and Dream11 are companies that grew significantly using PHP frameworks.

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Blogs for Full Stack Web Development Using PHP and MYSQL, Topic Enroll now to join Summer Internship Training 2020

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SoftProdigy LLC says Thanks for sharing the information , it is really helpful but I want to add some more information about Full Stack Web Development. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is commonly used for web development. MySQL is a widely used open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is often used with PHP to create dynamic web applications. Together, PHP and MySQL can be used to create full-stack web applications, handling both the server-side logic and the database management. A typical PHP-MySQL application would involve using PHP to create the server-side logic and handle user input, while MySQL would be used to store and retrieve data. PHP provides libraries and functions to interact with MySQL databases, allowing developers to perform various operations such as inserting, updating, and retrieving data. If you want to get more info. then visit Softprodigy LLC.

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