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Debatra Chatterjee says
"Good experience "
Swagata Mondal says
"Share a documents of discuss objective module "
"Nice class"
"This session was good. But some improvement like more practical things should be needed."
Ajay Kumar puri says
"Very good"
Supratim Das says
"No it's good"
Nita Rani says
"In the current situation, the online session that has been started is really good much than my expectation."
Jeet Senchowdhury says
"It is good enough for me."
Aniket Kumar Singh says
"It's good enough to get a basic idea about android development for the beginners. I found it helpful. But the one addition could be done in this webinar i.e. Showing the working of the app that was created "
sougata saha says
"I want the video in full screen,that will be a great improvement"
Sayani Dey says
Soumik Das says
"The online session is very informative. "
Shramana Hazra says
"Everything was good, if this session would some more time ."
Dhruba Roy says
Nilanjan chakraborty says
"It was good"
Utsab Majumder says
"The session was very much satisfactory according to given time. It could be a little bit better if there should some more time"
Subhajit saha says
Nilanjan chakraborty says
"Time for webinar should be increased atleast by an hour more."
Sauna Roy says
"Very good "
"Very good "
Hrikraj Chakraborty says
"Audio quality "