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Java Programming

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Learning programming and core java concepts, inheritance, threads and collections, JDBC for connecting various databases, understand method overriding and overloading, use array and hash map for storing dynamic data, create threads in java by implementing Runnable interface. Work on live projects for hands-on experience.


Sayan Mondal says
"It was just this pandemic situation it actually helped us to understand the chapter of phython."
Ankit patra says
"Audio video streaming issue"
"It was an wonderful experience if you guys can improve the sound quality that will be very helpful. "
Ankush Sharma says
Priyanka Bera says
"I enjoyed the webinar much.The instructor explained the topic nicely."
Debasmita Mandal says
"Maybe extend the session time and go slower through the topics. "
Satakshi Ghosh says
"Good "
"It was very nice. The teacher associated used really good examples which made things simpler."
Shramana Guchait says
"It was good and informative.I attended the webinar from the beginning and I personally liked it."
Ajay Kumar puri says
"It's good but more interactive class was expected."
Debasmita Mandal says
"Session's time was very short, 1hr 30min is not enough for me , I think so,but session was good , it is very helpful for our future, Thank you so much "
Baisakhi Das says
Pankaj Singhal says
"Audio quality must be improved "