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Office Automation MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint

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In this course, the basic to advanced topics are covered by Microsoft-certified trainers.MS WINDOWS, COMPUTER BASICS  MS WORDModule 01: Text BasicsModule 02: Text Formatting and saving fileModule 03: Working with ObjectsModule 04: Header & FootersModule 05: Working with bullets and numbered listsModule 06: TablesModule 07: Styles and ContentModule 08: Merging DocumentsModule 09: Sharing and MaintainingModule 10: Proofing the documentModule 11: PrintingMS EXCELModule 12: Introduction to ExcelModule 13: Formatting Excel WorkbookModule 14: Perform Calculations with FunctionsModule 15: Sort and Filter Data with ExcelModule 16: Create Effective Charts to Present Data VisuallyModule 17: Analyse Data Using PivotTables and Pivot ChartsModule 18: Protecting and sharing the WorkbookModule 19: Use Macros to Automate TasksModule 20: Proofing and PrintingMS POWER POINTModule 21: Setting Up PowerPoint Environment:Module 22: POWERPOINTCreating slides and applying themesModule 23: Working with bullets and numberingModule 24: Working with ObjectsModule 25: Hyperlinks and Action ButtonsModule 26: Working With Movies and SoundsModule 27: Using SmartArt and TablesModule 28: Animation and Slide TransitionModule 29: Using slide masterModule 30: Slide show optionModule 31: Proofing and PrintingINTERNET & E-MAIL  


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