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Oracle DBA

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After the completion of the Oracle DBA Course at Ardent, you should be able to:SQL commands.Architecture of  oracle  and functionalities of Background Processes.Creation of Database, Creation of  Tablespace , handling data files.Use creation, password management.Create role and privileges.Auditing.Datapump, Export and Import  Data.Storing  Data From Flat file to database using SQL Loader.Client Server Configuration.Backup using User Managed and RMAN.Handling several recovery issues such as loss of datafile, dedologfile.Performance tuning.Case studies.


Indranil Bose says
"If the instructor share the link of recorded class, that will be better because many of us can't understanding due to network error. "
Sanchita Halder says
"Very good, informative session"
"if we get more time it will be better"
Nikhil Gupta says
"Please increase the session duration. "
Suvayu Chakraborty says
"Maybe the explanation can be little slower and interactive"
Aniket Kumar Singh says
Upal Chowdhury says
"It was very helpful but time was short "
Moumita Basak says
"Worderful sir and Thank you so much sir"
Roumita Dutta says
"Online class are not sufficient to understand a topic. Hopefully next time you can give more time."
Debjit Mondal says
"Presentation was pretty good. Overall experience was also very good"
Tanushree Debnath says
"It was great experience"