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PHP MySQL with CodeIgniter

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Subrata banik says
"Ardent gave me exposure to actual industry requirements. The faculty & mentors were truly dedicated to the students. Thanks."
Debarati Mishra says
"the teaching material could be a little more engaging sir.. which would help students to feel more interested in the topic of study"
Debadrita Ghosh says
Mohit Tanti says
"If the session time can be increased 30 minutes more i.e. 2 hours total"
Indranil Bose says
"E-notes of the topic."
Sandipan Das says
"it is very much helpful for us"
Smriti Dey says
"Please try to improve the audio quality"
Debadrita Ghosh says
"It's a good session,but because of internet some video content may not be visible "
Aniket Kumar Singh says
"please provide long time onlinee session if it is possible."