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Professional C++ Programming

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The learning goals of this course are: To understand how C++ improves C with object-oriented features.To learn how to write inline functions for efficiency and performance.To learn the syntax and semantics of the C++ programming language.To learn how to design C++ classes for code reuse.To learn how to implement copy constructors and class member functions.To understand the concept of data abstraction and encapsulation.To learn how to overload functions and operators in C++.To learn how containment and inheritance promote code reuse in C++.To learn how inheritance and virtual functions implement dynamic binding with polymorphism.To learn how to design and implement generic classes with C++ templates.To learn how to use exception handling in C++ programs


Arindam Paul says
"some cheatsheet "
Deblina Dey says
Arpan Basuli says
"No comment cause everything was excellent..even the way sir has taught us was excellent got understood every topic he has covered in this session."
Nisarga Kolay says
"Audio quality "
Mrinmoy Dutta says
"Interaction and more details from practical world and application"
Anilavo Chatterjee says