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Full Stack Web Development using MEAN Stack

Full Stack Web Development using MEAN Stack

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MEAN Stack is a free and open-source javascript software for building dynamic web applications. The things that we can do on the web nowadays with javascript running on the server, as well as in the web browser are vast. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. Mongo DB is a database system. Express is a back-end web framework. Angular is a front-end framework; and node.js is a back-end run-time environment.

  • Learn about the express.js basic, its architecture.
  • This course gives you in-depth knowledge of key concepts such as express.js, node packet manager (npm), multiprocessing in node.js, REST, CRUD operations, express.js with mongodb.
  • This course will help you master concepts such as typescript, dependency injections, SPA (single page application), directives, forms, pipes, promises, observables, and understand the testing of angular class.
Basics of HTML, CSS and javascript.

Course Modules

  • Industrial

    1. Duration - 40 Hours (4 to 6 Weeks)
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 2 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
    4. Industrial Courses are only for students. You can avail this by producing valid proof of studentship. Work on assignments, case studies, and projects.
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  • Professional

    1. Duration - 60 Hours (8 to 24 Weeks)
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
    4. Professional Courses are more comprehensive. The learning is case study based and project oriented. Ideal for passout students and working professionals.
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Shourya Jaiswal says
Shourya Jaiswal says
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"The webinar was an interesting one. It was sourceful. "
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"Very nice session"
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"Good webinar"
Divya Kumari Mishra says
"Nice workshop"
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"It is a very interesting webinner and the one who explained it, explained the topic in a very beautiful and simple way,I really want his webinar once more."
"We have to develop various skills for getting job not only academics matter in job"
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"Good webinar"
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"Nice to know a new topic"
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"Well presented and well explained"
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"The webinar touched upon a bit of all the important things including Java, Python etc."
"Very informative and essential for our future"
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"Informative Session"
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"Great Workshop. I would really love to attend more of such workshops in future."
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"It was really very good."
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"Informative Session"
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"Informative session "
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"Very helpful"
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"The webinar was excellent."
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Sonatan Dutta says
Rishabh Ranjan says
"Nice one"
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"Good & interesting presentation by Souvick sarkar sir and indranil"
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"Awesomesauce session"
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"Informative season"
Andrila Guha says
"Thank you so much for the interesting and inspiring workshop."
Aniket Kundu says
"Workshop was very informative"
Soham Nath says
"Got to learn about new things using arduino uno 3 "
Shourya Jaiswal says
"Excellent program."
Shreya Chakraborty says
Sulagna Bandyopadhyay says
"Nice workshop"
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Sunny Roy says
"Everything was well explained."
Nibedita Mondal says
"Really nice"
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"Great Session " says
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"It was Good"
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Tania Paul says
"Great Session"
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"Nice 👍👍"
Gouranga Kamilya says
"Learnt a lot of things from it.. Hope it will be continued in the next sessions. "
Soham Banerjee says
"Nice webinar"
Shubham Singh says
pankaj jangir says
"we are using arduino for ai"
Aparesh Mandal says
"Very nice work"
Tanmoy Samanta says
"It shall help us if you provide soft copy of study material."
Jamilur Rahaman says
"The Course Price should be lower for University Students and also..start EMI OPTIONS IN PAYMENT SECTION"
Dipraj Sain says
Arpan Dalui says
"It is outstanding program. I get a lot of knowledge. Thank you "
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Arpan Dalui says
"It is outstanding program "
Arpan Dalui says
"It is outstanding program "
Atanu Das says
Anindya paul says
"Good workshop"
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Avirup Chakraborty says
Trisit Ghosh says
"Very Good Prestation"
Krishnendu Mondal says
"I have my doubts clear"
Soumyadeep Datta says
"Well Understood"
Abuzer Rahaman says
Akash Pramanik says
Akash Pramanik says
"Very good"
Sanchay biswas says
"Very good"
Swastik Hazra says
"I want to study this"
Riddhy Acharya says
"So much effective webinar."
Sudeshna Ghosh says
"It was really helpful and informative.Thank you sir."
Saptarshi Ghosh says
"Satisfied with the workshop"
"Thank you for this course"
Priti Kajli says
"I enjoyed the workshop"
Souparna Dutta says
"Useful & Informative."
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"Very good"
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"This workshop is really helpful to me"
Sk. Samir Uddin says
"It was a great session!!"
Sanchay biswas says
"It was good in for mant you."
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"It was very informative"
MD. Fateh Khan says
"Awesome "
Bapinmoy ghosh says
"It is helpfull"
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"Fully satisfied"
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Rahul De says
"It was good"
"Fully satisfied "
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Suman Ghosh says
"I want to learn this topic . "
Bhagyashree Baid says
"I enjoyed this session"
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"It was a very informative and interesting webinar."
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"session could be more interesting"