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VLSI FPGA based Design and Implementation

VLSI FPGA based Design and Implementationvlsi fpga based design and imp

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In this course the participants will learn concepts of VLSI, FPGA, ASIC. Participants will learn VHDL programming. Interfacing of FPGA board will also be taught.

  • Students are able to design circuits for FPGA devices.
  • Students are able to design MOS level circuit.
  • Students are able to write VHDL code for VLSI design.
  • Students are able to implement FPGA based Hardware programming.
Basic knowledge of electronics.

Course Modules

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    1. Duration - 120 hours
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
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"Very Very Good. Presenter Was too good.too helpful.But we need more sessions on android from Pallabi mam. Thank you."
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"Its interesting.. nice session we have in it"
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"It will be more easier to understand if we can arrange it on offline manner. But considering the circumstances it is a great initiative. "
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"I attend such type of webinar first time .So,overall experience was good.I think everything was good both video and sound quality , nothing to improve.That's actually a good idea to continue education over internet in such time."
" this online thing didn't work for me. I couldn't understand properly, don't know about others but yes i was not able to understand. I also texted in the chat for that. If this is gonna continue ,i will not be able to make the project. And it was impossible to take screenshots or do the same thing at the same speed."