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Web Development with Python and Django

Web Development with Python and Django

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Thus python django Training course will give you all the knowledge needed to work on the python platform. This python course will enable you to develop website and register on web server to show the world your creativity. Some important topics covered in this training are python introduction, its components and the various resources, the process of creating modules, the method of using class, and the different predefined modules, lists, dictionary, inbuilt functions, the mysql database and working in the web server using django. 

To create a proper and good website using less amount of code. 


Course Modules

  • Industrial

    1. Duration - 60 hours
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 2 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
    4. Industrial Courses are only for students. You can avail this by producing valid proof of studentship
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      15000 6900

  • Professional

    1. Duration - 80 hours
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
    4. Professional Courses are only for the working professionals / experienced candidates
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      40000 18400

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