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Scientists Explain Why Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Drifting Away From Canada Towards Siberia

Scientists have come to a possible explanation for the recent change in the speed with which Earth’s North Magnetic pole is drifting towards away from Canada, towards Siberia. They think that it is because of the 'tug of war' competition between magnetic ‘blobs’ beneath the Canadian Arctic and Northern Russia, where one is losing strength against the other. Basically, the magnetic north pole position is influenced by two regions of high magnetic flux on the edge of the Earth's outer core. Scientists have described these regions beneath Canada and Siberia as ‘blobs’ or ‘lobes’. In a paper published in Nature Geo-science, scientists explain that “over the last two decades the position of the north magnetic pole has been largely determined by two large-scale lobes of negative magnetic flux on the core-mantle boundary under Canada and Siberia.”Now, changes in the flow of molten metal in the core are causing changes in the magnetic flux of these regions. Scientists, in their paper based on various models, predicted that “over the next decade the north magnetic pole will continue on its current trajectory, traveling a further 390–660 km towards Siberia.”

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