Feed from our trainers on Spotify Introduces ‘Group Session’ Feature For Virtual Listening Parties
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Spotify Introduces ‘Group Session’ Feature For Virtual Listening Parties

Spotify users practising social distancing have a nifty new feature that allows them to enjoy listening to music with their friends. With ‘Group Session’, premium users (mobile and tablets) will be able to join or create a listening session where users can share and listen to songs together in real-time. The feature has been in the works for over a year now. Group Session comes at the perfect time when everyone is stuck in quarantine. This gives them a chance to chill virtually together. The feature requires Spotify Premium to join or create a session. In a ‘Group Session’, members can add songs to the playlist and even skip the song that is currently playing. All the members will be able to pause and select songs for everyone in the session simultaneously in real-time. Users could enjoy the same tunes while talking to each other on voice chat if the community-made music bots are having some problems. Even that requires a Spotify Premium membership. But now, Spotify itself has created a way for users to listen to the songs together.

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