Feed from our trainers on Why java script is so much popular now in days?
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Why java script is so much popular now in days?

JavaScript is THE language of the web. If you are developing for theweb, you can't escape JavaScript. There were other scripting languages likeVBScript etc but none lasted long. Java attempted to take control, but the JavaApplets were not that good. JavaScript, on the other hand, was simple to learnand easier to start with. Almost every browser implemented it. So, naturallydevelopers who wanted to build browser based apps started using JavaScript.Although it is poorly designed, there are also many killer features/changesthat contribute to its popularity. Here are some of these features:JavaScript is a weakly typed language and usually it's easier to get started with than other languages. In addition to that, powerful features such as Prototypal Inheritance, Closures, Callbacks and all other functional programming concepts make it an expressive language for the web.The most popular data interchange format JSON is native to JavaScript.Addition of AJAX to JavaScript made it even more popular. Developers could create rich internet apps that behaved like desktop apps.Modern day JavaScript is powerful, fast and receives contributions from big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple etc.Today JavaScript runs on both client and server (Node.js).Massive amount of JavaScript frameworks and libraries are out there and JavaScript receives the strongest community support today. If you think of a task in JavaScript, there is a good chance a library already exists for that.Frameworks like AngularJS, React, Polymer etc let you overcome some of the shortcomings of JavaScript and help you structure your apps properly. Today, if someone starts a new web project it's always recommended to use one of these MV* frameworks.Projects like Meteor are taking JS to a whole new level and a lot of money is being spent on this.Today you can even develop mobile apps using JavaScript thanks to Ionic Framework.Dependency management tools (Bower), Test frameworks (Jasmine, Mocha etc), Task Management tools (Gulp, Grunt etc) let you properly manage your JavaScript development workflow and test the code properly.So, the statement "JS code is weak and can't be used to develop enterprise apps" no longer holds true. You can safely use JavaScript to develop powerful, properly tested and enterprise-ready web/server/mobile apps today. That's why JavaScript is insanely popular despite of the poor design.

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